Why You need us ?

Currently, one of the most thriving sectors of the Indian economy is thought to be the financial services sector. The modern investor expects greater demand followed by greater level of transparency as the industry is currently on the verge of a major transformation driven by cutting edge technology and innovative strategies.

The industry has evolved by adopting higher transparency standards, adding reliable technology, and providing tailored Wealth Management Solutions. This is where we have noticed the growth of the online market and the rise in the number of investors looking to invest their savings. So, our focus is on providing tailored, personalized services combined with Trust, Reliability, and Integrity, which includes clear and concise offerings to help investors better understand the current situation and the recommendations made through use of various strategic tools to actively monitor the progress of their investments.

We support the investors in developing a strategic investment plan for generating, preserving, and managing their wealth as well as in identifying their financial goals, avoiding costly financial errors, and effectively managing risk.

Bringing the best of Financial planning and management at your service !
While laying the foundation of this firm few years back, our founders decided to take advantage of their years of rich experience in the wealth management domain and give families financial bliss by managing their finances.

Fund Cares was founded with the goal of enabling wealth creation for our clients through prudent financial planning & wealth management services. The cornerstone of their ability to cross demographic and geographic boundaries and provide a prudent, process-driven, goal-oriented, financial planning-led wealth creation platform is their use of technology.

Fund Cares – the Journey So far !

We are proud to be known as a company, which emphasizes goal-based investing as the key to success, and currently manages some big names from the Fortune 500 brands clients under the leadership of a 17-person team, with a goal value of Rs 5,00,00,00,000.

Fund Cares has been recognized by various web portals and numerous magazines for their exceptional performance and CSR initiatives, aims to reach the widest audience with its distinctive platform. As our founder quote, “Right now, our attention is on digitalized financial planning to expand our business internationally.

We are challenging the status quo of the entire financial services space and leveraging technology deeply to change it & shift the power back to consumers. We are reimagining everything related to ‘money’ using mobile, technology, design and data. We are a team that is passionate about personal finance & we care deeply for our users. An Innovation-first, Trust & Steep Learning based culture has helped us create a strongly bonded, super talented team of 100 members.

  • “With implementation of the advanced technologies like Goal GPS, FinaMetric Profiling system, we try to capture the details of the investors and do the work accordingly to their requirements along with gradually improving our Application,” said our CEO in regards to the platform that is imbued with high-tech applications like 3D Personal Financial Analysis, Portfolio X-ray System, and FinaMetric Risk Profiling System.
  • The company guarantees its investors a real-time update by tracking & transacting through a single unified login. The company is driven by the motto to increase financial literacy by making them understand the difference between good and a better financial product. Additionally, it provides a wide range of services, including insurance management, IPO, bond, and tax planning.

“As per our CEO and Founder Lakshmi Kant Dube, “Though the saving potential is very high among the people but there has always been a gap in the saving and investment factor Due to Poor Financial Literacy in India,” pointing out that India is a country with a large saving population where savings are hardly converted into investments. In order to help people achieve their goals, we established this firm to educate investors and provide them with proper goal-based solution planning. The company prioritizes the needs of the investors in managing their risk profile, thoroughly analyzes the previous investments of the clients, and synchronizes the portfolio by removing the subpar investments to create a strong portfolio for them.”

Laxmikant Dube


Meet our team

Laxmikant Dube

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lakshmikant brings over 10 years of invaluable experience in the dynamic world of trading. With a proven track record of navigating diverse markets, implementing successful strategies, and steering through market fluctuations.

Umakant Dwivedi


Umakant has rich experience into drawing Strategical plan and has good corporate connects to execute them. Mr Dwivedi has more than 10 years of experience to work with many MNCs.

Abhishek Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Abhishek known for his rich experience in fintech development, he has more than 15 years of experience into leading web and app development team.

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